The recipe to healthy change 

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The best way to start your new year is by aiming to be … Healthy!   

Being physically active and having healthy eating habits are a great start to help you prevent and manage diabetes. You may have been told by your doctor, asked by your family, thought about the change yourself… Everyone tries to change but not everyone maintains it.

​It must be awesome to see good results like controlled blood sugars, weight loss and less health complications. Yet you are missing one thing to realize your goal…the tools.

​Tool #1- Be SMART

​Most people fail to reach their goal because they set vague and unrealistic targets … Start with a feasible goal that suits your potential at the moment. A SMART goal can take you a long way, in small steps.

​Tool #2- Get the knowledge

​Education is a strong weapon, it gives you the background you need to make informed decisions regarding coping with stress, targets, exercise, or meal planning. Learning such skills will empower you to achieve the progress you once thought was impossible.

​Tool #3- Track what you do

​Tracking your physical activity, will motivate you to exercise more every day and reach your goal of steps. Tracking your food will make you more aware of what, when and how much you eat, to help you improve it. You will start thinking twice before you eat and would be able to clearly see your progress.

Tool #4- Get support

​Change is easy when you have the right support! Someone by your side to guide you, support you in the journey and give you real-time accurate feedback to help you shape your habits. Have you found that support?

At Droobi, we understand your struggle and we care about your health. We have created a program that provides you with all these key elements to empower you in your change journey:

– Personalized plan reach your own health goals.

– Easy-to-use tracking tools for blood glucose levels, food, exercise and weight. You can track your results and see your progress.

– Access to professional health coach. Wherever you are on the road to change, your personal health coach will meet you through the chat box and give you the guidance needed and an outstanding support.

– Full comprehensive guide that covers the pillars of replacing unhealthy habits with new healthy ones such as coping with stress, eating out, exercising…

With Droobi, YOU are capable of changing your life with easy steps and long lasting results…

Happy New Year, Happy Healthy You!


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