Droobi for Employers

Provide a premium

employee health program

that’s scalable and engaging

Benefits for Employers

  • By investing in employee wellness programs with Droobi Health, employers may be able to reduce healthcare costs over time by helping employees avoid or manage chronic health conditions.

  • Droobi Health’s personalized approach and real-time coaching may help employees stick to their health goals, which could result in fewer missed workdays due to illness or health-related issues.

  • Improved employee wellness and job satisfaction may help reduce turnover rates, which can be costly for employers in terms of recruitment and training expenses.

How we support Employers and Employees

Our health coaches provide real-time support, tailored goal setting, and achievable plans

  • 24/7 easy access to health coaches via chat and calls.

  • Book consultations with a physician  virtually or in person.

  • Personalised care based on their unique member profile.


Each member receives a plan tailored to their unique condition and health goals

  • AI-generated care plan covering nutrition, activity, and health monitoring.

  • Easy-to-use tracking tools to share progress with the care team.

  • Condition-specific training content and other useful resources.


Droobi platform analyzes user data to deliver meaningful insights

  • Sync data from health monitoring devices to your Droobi profile.

  • Weekly reports on progress, goals achieved, and feedback.

  • AI-generated insights to facilitate the behavioral change process.


Droobi empowers employers

to manage chronic conditions



Change habits and mindset around food, and reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.



Manage diabetes, track blood sugar levels and lab results, and improve long-term outcomes.



Gestational Diabetes

Eat healthy foods, exercise regularly and control your blood sugar levels for a healthy pregnancy.



Manage and track blood pressure to reduce stress levels and sustain long-term outcomes.



Weight Management

Change habits and mindset around food, and control weight over the long term.


Droobi in practice: Employers


Employee engagement campaigns

Support with internal marketing to ensure widespread uptake of our programs.


Personalized one-to-one care

Our in-house team of health coaches tailors their guidance to each employee.


Enhance employees ties

Regular reporting to demonstrate the impact of Droobi on employee wellbeing.