Droobi for Insurers

Stand out from your

competitors by offering a

leading virtual care program

Benefits for Insurance

  • By offering Droobi Health’s programs to their members, insurance companies are able to reduce healthcare costs over time by helping individuals better manage their chronic conditions and avoid costly hospitalizations and medical interventions. Reduction of HbA1c below the ADA* recommended level reduce costs in Diabetes-Related (DR) Expenditure by 25%.

  • Droobi Health’s solutions have proved to reduce HbA1c after first months of intervention and to maintain reduction in time. The longer the intervention the higher the savings.

  • Droobi Health’s end-to-end digital solution, including health coach consulting, can help insurance companies attract and retain members who are interested in digital health solutions and seeking convenient and effective ways to manage their health.

How we support Insurers


Effective outreach campaigns

Building awareness and interest to maximize enrollment on your plans.


Scalable evidence-based care

Our programs are rooted in clinical guidelines and behavioral science.


Lower medical costs

Reduce per-customer medical costs by up to $1200 per annum.

Droobi empowers Insurers
to manage chronic conditions



Change habits and mindset around food, and reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.



Manage diabetes, track blood sugar levels and lab results, and improve long-term outcomes.



Gestational Diabetes

Eat healthy foods, exercise regularly and control your blood sugar levels for a healthy pregnancy.



Manage and track blood pressure to reduce stress levels and sustain long-term outcomes.



Weight Management

Change habits and mindset around food, and control weight over the long term.


Droobi in practice: Insurers


Employee engagement campaigns

Support with internal marketing to ensure widespread uptake of our programs.


Personalized one-to-one care

Our in-house team of health coaches tailors their guidance to each employee.


Enhance employees ties

Regular reporting to demonstrate the impact of Droobi on employee wellbeing.