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User Journey

Our Products

Droobi is creating the world’s first suite of bilingual digital therapeutics products using a host of best-in-class technologies driven by AI-enabled solutions and data analytics.

  • Chat with users and monitor their progress
  • Enhancing the level of virtual care that can be provided to users through lifestyle coaching
  • Creating tools that better allow users to manage their disease
  • Empowering users through customized training in diabetes management

Droobi Users Application
(iOS and Android)

The bilingual application provides users a range of tools to virtually control their chronic conditions and manage healthy lifestyles. The app includes AI-enabled features and analytics tools that allow the user to:

  • Chat with health coach and receive real-time, targeted support as needed

  • Set goals for different aspects of health and well-being, and track progress in real-time

  • Follow a personalized plan with coach guidance to help users manage conditions effectively

  • Arrange a consultation with your doctor or another healthcare provider directly through the application


Healthcare Professionals Platform

We provide a dedicated virtual care platform for healthcare providers to engage with Droobi members. The platform includes the following features:

  • Chat with users and monitor their progress

  • Adjust set goals to meet users needs

  • Consult with users medical team

  • Prescribe medications and monitor blood glucose readings


Droobi’s Health Coaches

Get real-time advice and support from dedicated health coaches. You will be allocated a certified nutritionist and health educator to help you manage your long-term condition.

Your health coaches can provide:

  • Support you when you are feeling challenged

  • Help you get back on track when you need a boost

  • Answer all of your questions

  • Keep you motivated across the journey