What is Droobi?

Droobi is a digital behavior change program designed to empower people to self-manage their diabetes and build healthy habits that will last. Droobi’s program is based on clinically-proven science and provides each person with digital tracking tools and access to a personal real-life health coach. Our product uses smart technology to learn more about each person and their unique condition and provide them with a timely intervention with the goal of ultimately making their self-care easier.

How long is the program?

The Program consist of 2 tracks, the core program which is 16 week long followed by a maintenance program which last for another 4 months or more. During the core program, users will build their knowledge and skill set to change their eating and exercising habits and learn how to overcome challenges and reinforce new habits. In the maintenance program, users will learn how to maintain the implemented changes and continue practicing and reinforcing new healthy changes while staying connected to Droobi’s tools and resources, with shorter weekly lessons and monthly follow-ups with respective health coach.

Who is eligible to use Droobi?

Droobi offers personalized virtual healthcare programs to support people manage their chronic conditions. If you own a smartphone and are:

  • an adult,
  • living with chronic conditions or are at risk of it,
  • ready to build healthy habits and change your lifestyle

You are fit to use Droobi multiple-tracks program. Get started by subscribing to the app as an individual or contact your employer for getting premium subscription to Droobi or your insurance if you have a health insurance.

What is the duration of Droobi program?

Users can use Droobi as long as needed to stay healthy and manage chronic conditions cost effectively. The main program is 16-weeks long followed by a maintenance track to maintain a steady behavioral change to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

What does Droobi offers users ?

Droobi offers multiple virtual-care solutions to help users self-manage and prevent chronic conditions, through behavior change and customized interventions.


  • Smart Application to help users monitor blood glucose, track nutrition and physical activities augmented with automated daily reminders and motivational messages.
  • Professional Health Coach equipped with data and insights about users’ diet, activity, blood sugars, medication, and medical history to provide personalized guidance
  • Weekly interactive lessons designed to provide information tips and health advise to help users control their health conditions consistently.
  • Manage health goals through access to real-time data and health coach’s feedback that enable users to make progress constantly.
How does Droobi protect users private information?

Droobi takes privacy very seriously and users can our privacy policy here. Droobi doesn’t share users’ information without their consent.

How do I join?

Thanks for your interest! Please download Droobi from app stores and subscribe to connect with one of our coaches and start your plan to better health! If you are an employee with one of our partner organizations, you can join by checking with your employer/healthcare provider to get premium subscription to Droobi.

Do I have to be diagnosed with diabetes to join Droobi?

No! Droobi offer programs specifically tailored for people living with chronic conditions including diabetes (Type 2 Diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes), Hypertension Management, and prevention programs for Prediabetes and Weight Management.

How do I interact with my health coach?

Droobi will assign a professional health coach to each user to help with setting meaningful goals, keep users motivated and guide them throughout the program. Users can communicate with coaches through the chat function, video consultations, awareness sessions and community engagement activities.

Is my coach available 24/7?

Almost. Users will have access to assigned coaches five days a week, between 8 a.m and 4 p.m Sunday to Thursdays.

Can I book appointments with my doctor through Droobi?

Yes! Droobi allows users to set appointments with their respective doctors remotely or in-person.

How do I track my food?

Droobi doesn’t want you to worry about calorie counting, leave that stress to us! You can track your food in either of two ways:

  • Post a photo of everything you eat (the good and the bad!) to your visual food diary. Your health coach will use your photos to understand how much you’re eating and keep track of how many portions you’re having regularly.
  • Search our food library to find your food items and choose your serving size!
Does Droobi Allow me to connect with other health devices?

Yes! You can connect your device to

  • Apple Health
  • Fitbit
  • Google Fit
  • Huawei Health kit
Can Droobi connect with Glucometer?

Yes! You can connect your device to

  • OneTouch
  • Libre freestyle (For Android users)
Does droobi provide any information guidance to the user?

Each week you will gain access to a new lesson that’s part of an evidence-based curriculum. Droobi’s lessons will equip you with the right knowledge to make overall changes to your life, like stress management. Lessons can take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete.

To benefit the most from the lessons, put your knowledge into practice. Chat with your coach to find ways to translate your newfound knowledge into actionable change!

You will also receive personalized daily tips and articles on different health topics.

How many languages do droobi support?

Droobi as a platform is provided in Arabic and English languages. However, Droobi coaches can provide consultation in Arabic, English, French, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali languages.

How do I get technical support while using Droobi app?

If you encounter any issue with your droobi app, please reach out to our team at