SINGAPORE – Droobi Health, a leading digital diabetes player in the Middle East from Doha, Qatar, and, a frontrunner in India’s digitalhealth landscape, have merged to form DroobiSmit with its headquarters in Singapore. This strategic move positions DroobiSmit as the premier digital diabetes solution provider across the MENA/GCC and South Asia regions, with support from key investors, including Qatar Development Bank (QDB), Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) – a member of Qatar Foundation, and M-Venture Partners (MVP) in Singapore.

In both the MENA/GCC and South Asia regions, diabetes rates are amongthe highest globally, with numbers rising rapidly. Currently, out of the 260 million people diagnosed with either diabetes or prediabetes, 163 million have confirmed diabetes cases. By 2030, this number is expected to reach
320 million, with diabetes cases accounting for 208 million.

With a mission to transform the lives of those battling chronic diseases, DroobiSmit leverages digital health services to enhance health, manage chronic conditions, and reduce care costs. Their offerings cater to prediabetes, diabetes, and hypertension, leveraging modern technology,
personalized coaching, and data-driven insights.

Since their inception, Droobi and have positively impacted about 40,000 users. Independent research highlights the effectiveness of the services, showcasing user improvements in key health metrics such as HbA1c levels, blood pressure, weight, and cholesterol.

With an investment backing of approximately $5 million to date, DroobiSmit has garnered support from notable entities, including QDB, Qatar Science & Technology Park – Qatar’s premier hub for technology development, applied research, innovation, incubation and entrepreneurship M Venture Partners, Barzan Holding, Doha Tech Angels, and a syndicate of nearly 20 reputed angel investors.

QDB, QSTP, and MVP were key investors during Droobi and Smit’s seed stage, providing steadfast support throughout the merger process and facilitating its successful execution. They continue to finance the newly established entity and its expansion efforts.

Smit.Fit, was founded and led by Sujit Chakrabarty, formerly a Partner and Leader of McKinsey’s Digital and Technology Practice in India while Droobi was founded by Abdulla Al-Misnad, an alumnus of Stanford and MIT who was an early entrepreneur in the Qatari innovation ecosystem.

Sujit will lead DroobiSmit, and Dr. Hessa Al Jaber, former Minister of Telecommunications in Qatar, will be a valuable member of the company’s Board. The organization is further strengthened by a highly skilled team of approximately 60 dedicated professionals.

DroobiSmit is expanding globally and driving healthcare innovation. Establishing a new office in Saudi Arabia marks a significant milestone and highlights opportunities in South Asia and the Middle East. The newly merged entity will expand its market share by leveraging AI, including predictive health, advanced monitoring, and personalized interventions integrated with digital twin technology. In doing so it will scale its provision of individualized healthcare solutions, emphasizing its dedication
to diabetes reversal and transformative health journeys.

Sujit Chakrabarty, now at the helm of DroobiSmit, stated, “The company adopts a B2B2C growth strategy and has collaborated with over 25 leading healthcare players across the GCC and India, encompassing top-tier hospitals, clinic chains, insurance companies, and employers. We are actively exploring avenues to introduce our unique model to emerging markets, notably Saudi Arabia.

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