We all make mistakes while trying to lose weight

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You might get the feeling that losing weight is very difficult, maybe impossible! You have done everything right, yet your weight on the balance is not moving. Well, you might be doing it wrong without knowing it. Here are 5 things you may be doing that hinder your efforts of losing weight.

  • You stopped drinking soft drinks and sweetened beverages however, you are still drinking fruit juice. Actually, even fresh natural fruit juice can be high in sugar and calories. For example, 1 cup of orange juice contains around 4 teaspoons of sugar while 1 cup of soft drink contains around 5 teaspoons of sugar, not much of a difference! Skip them both and have fruit instead.
  • You replaced white bread with brown bread, and you are eating more of it. In fact, brown bread does not mean low calories, it has the same calories of white bread and sometimes even more. The only difference is that it contains more fibers that give you a feeling of fullness for a long time, making you eat less throughout the day. So, Keep eating this brown bread but be mindful of the portions. Moderation is always key!
  • You are eating less however you are not getting enough protein. Having an adequate amount of protein throughout the day is extremely important if you are trying to lose weight, it is what will keep you going. Protein helps you lose weight by reducing your appetite, decreasing your food intake and conserving your metabolic rate! Include high protein lean foods in your meals like eggs, skinless chicken, extra-lean meat, fish, shrimp, legumes, low-fat cheese 
  • You decide to do extreme dieting because you are so frustrated from gaining so much weight recently. Slowly! exaggeration in decreasing your food intake can cause muscle loss and therefore slows your metabolism making you gain more weight from eating less food. Moreover, it is not a sustainable solution as you may find yourself overeating a few weeks later. Instead, plan for having balanced fulfilling meals of high-quality food.
  • You are having healthy meals yet you do not track what you eat. Having nutritious food at the right time of the day is the number one rule for weight loss. Tracking your food intake helps you ensure you are eating the right quantities and qualities of food, makes you aware and holds you self-accountable. Try tracking your food and you will definitely see the difference!
  • Finally, having a weight loss goal during this process can keep you motivated. Just make sure, while doing everything right, to keep realistic expectations. This will prevent you from getting discouraged and improve your chances for continuity and success. Start this journey right!


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