How to Prepare Your Children for a Safe Back-to-school?

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This year’s back-to-school season is going to be unlike any before. With so many questions around school reopening, many parents do not know how to prepare their kids. So, in this blog, Droobi will provide you with simple steps to help you prepare your children to return to school with confidence, optimism, and excitement.

  1. ​Parents need to know that children are less likely than adults to become infected with the virus. The best evidence suggests that, for many children, returning to school could be safe, if adequate precautions are put in place and enforced.
  2. Help your kids understand the importance of social distancing and wearing masks. Then you can help them practice these skills before school starts and talk about how it will work in school.
  3. Even though your kids may not be able to run up and hug their friends or teachers, you may teach them to use a different, fun greeting while keeping their social distancing.
  4. Talk to your kids about what to do if they do not feel safe or other kids are not following the rules. They should know that they can talk to the teacher or tell you if that happens.
  5. Practice with your children different scenarios ahead of time. This will be a good way to let them know they can play an active role in the safety and well-being of everyone at school.

As a parent, you need to be aware that your kids often take cues about how to react from you. Think about what it takes for you to feel calm and prepared for the start of a new school year. Always do your best to explain school safety precautions ahead of time. This will help your children see them as part of the school day routine instead of something to fear.

Droobi wishes you and your kids a happy school year!


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