Diabetes guidance for Eid al-Adha

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Eid al-Adha is usually a joyous occasion characterized by an abundance of indulging food buffets and sugary delights. When it comes to diabetes, over-indulging can have serious consequences sooner than later, especially when it is accompanied by complications. Therefore, and knowing the difficulty of restricting oneself from delicious treats, we bring you in this week’s blog simple but highly effective tips to a healthy Eid.

Take an oath to be mindful 
Mindful eating has been proving its benefits day after day. It consists of eating slowly, focusing on the texture, smell, taste and look of every bite. It involves indulging with all your senses to maximize the joy of eating, therefore smaller quantities might be well satisfying and enough. Always remind yourself of mindful eating by taking an oath to yourself, every morning and before every meal, to be mindful.

Aim for lighter homemade sweets
You would be surprised if you know how many unhealthy ingredients are used in commercial treats. So, a good idea would be to try preparing your own sweets using less sugar and fat and you can replace white flour with whole wheat flour. Present them to your guests or take them with you as a kind gesture to the hosts. This way you can savor a small portion of your favorite sweets you like without the negative consequences of high blood sugar. 

Leave the table once you’re done
Overeating past the fullness level is not only a cause to gaining weight but also to a weak health. It is common however, especially in social gatherings and when different varieties of food are served. Yet, knowing that moderation is key to healthy eating we advise you to excuse yourself and leave the food table as soon as you have finished eating. Also, there is no harm in politely refusing second servings. These methods are extremely important to ensure you won’t be tempted to overindulge in food and sweets, respecting your body’s fullness cues. 

Walk around the block
Your thoughts might lead you to believe that because it is the Eid holiday, it is okay to not move and exercise. But would you skip your medication because it is Eid time? Probably not. We encourage you to regard physical activity as your healing medication and your shield to medical complications.  Regarding managing your blood sugar levels, regular physical activity with healthy eating can do wonders! 

Healthy Eid does not mean abstaining from eating good food, on the opposite it can mean better enjoying the delicious food minus the negative impact on health. 

Happy Eid from Droobi family!


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